Payment Methods

-Credit Card Payment

We accept VISA / MASTER / AMEX / JCB / DINERS credit card brands.
Payment is only in lump sum.
* The name of the withdrawal will be MURRAL. The closing date and settlement date are the same as those of each credit card company.
* Please note that the order cannot be canceled after the product has been shipped.

-Other Payment Methods

We accept Paypal, Alipay, Wechat Pay, Union Pay etc.


International delivery method and shipping fee

We will ship by DHL. The shipping fee is a flat rate of 3,500 yen (tax inc). It may takes up to 2 weeks for the ordered product to be delivered. Please understand that in rare cases additional information or charges may be incurred depending on the customs authorities in your country and the delivery of the goods. Please note that the rules regarding taxes and customs fees vary from country to country, so please contact the customs office of the receiving country for details.

关于海外配送:我们的商品皆使用 DHL配送。运费均统一为3,500 日元(含税)。商品会按订购顺序发货,订购的商品最久可能需要 2 週左右时间送达。少数情况下,根据您所在国家/地区的海关当局和货物交付情况,可能会产生额外的关税费用。造成不便敬请见谅。有关关税规定因国家/地区而异,详情请联繫您当地的海关。


Return / Exchange

We do not accept cancellations, returns or exchanges due to customer’s convenience. In case of defective products or mis-delivery, please be sure to contact us by email within 3 days.
After contacting us, we will explain how to return or refund the product. We will bear shipping costs in such cases. Please note that we cannot return or exchange items that have been delivered for more than 8 days, items that have been worn even once, items that have lost accessories, etc.


About business days

We will be closed during the year-end and New Year holidays, Summer holiday (normally Middle of August).
Orders received during the holiday period will be delivered sequentially from the next business day.



For inquiries about products and orders, please contact Basically, we do not accept telephone inquiries.