FROM HAZY TO LUCID  2021 Spring Summer Flower Dress collection

Interview with Yusuke Muramatsu
(MURRAL / Designer)

今回のSpotコレクション “FROM HAZY TO LUCID”の由来は

21SSコレクションのキーワードでもある” 時の繋がり “を発展させたコンセプトです。曖昧なものが徐々に明快になっていくようにまるで霧が晴れて光が差し込むような。そんな繋がりと情景をイメージしました。

What is the origin of this Spot collection “FROM HAZY TO LUCID”

FROM HAZY TO LUCID / From ambiguity to clarity This is a concept that develops the "connection of time" which is also the keyword of the 21SS collection. It's as if the fog is clear and the light is shining in, as if the vague things gradually became clearer. I imagined such a connection and a scene.



About key visuals

Mana Takase, who has been interacting with the brand for a long time, was appointed as the key visual. We've always wanted to create a visual that overturns her public image, so We made a voice at this time. At the same time, We wanted to change the scene with the public image of MURRAL's lace items. What I was conscious of was a visual with contrasting shadows like a painting.

MURRALのシンボルでもあるFramed flowerシリーズで構成されたエクスクルーシブアイテムに関して。


Regarding exclusive items made up of the Framed flower series, which is also a symbol of MURRAL.

We built the color image of the item so that the color changes from greige to beige, conscious of the word from ambiguity to clarity. The slightly dull neutral hue is also conscious of the contrast with the colors of the 21SS collection. The beginning of a new season. Enjoy the contrast with neutral shades.



Regarding Pop-up to be opened at Hankyu Umeda this time.

This is the first pop-up in the Kansai area. In addition to Pop-up limited items, 21SS collection products are lined up in stores with almost a full lineup. We think that it will be a place where customers can directly feel the mood of the collection with a product lineup that is conscious of "connection of time".


4/7(Wed.) - 4/13(Tue.)
Hankyu Umeda 3F D-Lab Pop-up

4/10 (Sat.)
Online store -

MURRAL x jurk  2021 Spring Summer Capsule collection
MURRAL x jurk  2021 Spring Summer Capsule collection
MURRAL x jurk  2021 Spring Summer Capsule collection
MURRAL x jurk  2021 Spring Summer Capsule collection
Framed flower long skirt (Ivory)
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Asymmetric tuck rib knit dress (Black) coming soon
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Stretch leather top (Beige) coming soon
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